📊How's the Market? 
How do National and New Jersey sales figures, foreclosure trends, employment numbers and inventory levels help us understand “How’s the Market” in our LOCAL, quaint, suburban, central NJ towns? ... It doesn't.

Popular national portals like, Zillow, Trulia or Realtor.com, suggest they know what your home is worth... but how could they? They don't even live or work in our local community.

But we do! :-) Judith Weiniger, Michelle Giordano, and Liz Novello, are your local real estate experts and trusted guides. We Work here, Live here and Love it here! As real estate professionals, we are passionate about providing valuable hyper-local market insights---down to the specific towns, neighborhood activity, price ranges that are selling and which are struggling and particular local trends in style of homes and features and updates that are highly demanded by buyers in your town. 📊 Sound good?

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Warren Township, NJ


Do you want to keep up with the market data in YOUR town? 

We track 17 local communities in our Monday Market Update---it is a way to weekly, "Catch-Up" on what happened in real estate in the last 7 days!  
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Catch-Up - Local Real Estate Market Update

Never miss a thing... Find out what has happened in your local town in Central New Jersey,...

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