“Movies in the park, special events at the train station.” -Linda

“Movie night. The ice rink.” -George Hansen

“Go to the park, play tennis. Enjoy walking through town’s shops.” -Lisa

“Fannywood day, 5k, picturesque town for walking.” -Francy Schorr 

“Events on weekends, train station. Flea markets. Street fairs. Movies in the park. Halloween parade and party.” -Stacy McAnulty.

“Forest Road Park track.” -Sherry Ortiz

“Parks, swimming/working out at the Y. Bike. It's pretty.” -Loretta Kravchenko


“[Fanwood has a] friendly, small-town vibe.” -Linda

“It’s a nice community with people who care.” -George Hansen 

“A walkable town.” -Stacy McAnulty

“[We have] the best Police Department and Public Works Department, bar none.”

“Pretty area with a variety of shopping with little traffic.” -Sherry Ortiz

“I love the easy access to NYC, and the feel of a small town. People are friendly. [There are] fairs [and] events. I also love all of the huge trees. Pretty.” -Loretta Kravchenko