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Meet Real Buyers of NJ, Samantha & Jason!

Judith Weiniger

After successfully growing her own brand and team under a national brand’s shingle since 2003, Judy Weiniger knew it was time to step out on her own...

After successfully growing her own brand and team under a national brand’s shingle since 2003, Judy Weiniger knew it was time to step out on her own...

Jan 24 4 minutes read

I met Samantha and Jason at a public open house in Piscataway, NJ in Fall 2015. They were curiously trying to figure out what town to move to, based on where they both work! This is what brought them to the centrally located town of Piscataway that day. They owned a home in Rockaway, NJ, much further northwest and hoped to cut down on their commute and also find a more vibrant, urban community.

They loved the house that day. It was a beautiful newer build loaded with upgrades, with an open flow, but very small yard. They didn’t seem to mind since they didn’t have time to maintain it properly with their busy work schedules. I also shared that the price was set to offset the fact there was no basement.

I love sharing my knowledge about the features of the home, the community and location, the process of buying a home and the market trend. Those that are open to chat, I ask about their goals and wish list. I take their answers and enjoy trying to fit the puzzle pieces together to help them gain clarity on their many options. Those that value being guided… come back. :-)

That day, we made a connection. I didn’t chase them. I didn’t stronghold them to give me their contact information. Instead, we just talked. Discussed. Shared. Connected.

I believe that many real estate agents come on way too strong with buyers that come in during an open house. They want to convert that buyer to work with them so badly, and in turn, use aggressive sales tactics that turn today’s buyer right off. It’s not how I personally like to be sold to, so instead, I try to provide huge value. This is our secret “sales” strategy. :-) 

Fast forward to early Spring 2016, I received a call from Samantha. She had reminded me where we had met. She shared with me that my style made them very comfortable, and asked me if I would help them sell their home in Rockaway and buy another home closer to Morristown. They are young, newly married, and wanted to enjoy being closer to busier, more energizing areas, like Morristown.

The Home Search Begins

At first, Samantha and Jason thought they wanted a townhouse, because they preferred lower maintenance of the exterior. It just wasn't their thing—they already knew that they didn't want to use their free time or resources to maintain a yard. Their current home had a large property and a pool.

But none of the townhouse options seemed quite right—the space just wasn't what they hoped for. Samantha and Jason were great about keeping optimistic, and they were both very forward thinking and ready to look at new options. My Weiniger Group teammate and colleague, Michelle Giordano, helped to show them homes as well, so we were always available to go quickly to see new homes that hit the market. Then, one home stood out among many!

Home Sweet Home

This single-family, builder/investor flip appealed to them because of the updated and move-in ready features. Samantha LOVED the kitchen, and Jason loved the space for the family room and the open flow. The room he would make his office was sunny with lots of windows for a great home work space, and the lot size wasn’t overwhelming to maintain. Plus, it was close to everything they’d need, including Morristown! 

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