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Turf N’ Surf Burger Grill: Home of the Inside-Out Burgers!

Cathy Cooper

Cathy comes to the Weiniger Group with a varied background.

Cathy comes to the Weiniger Group with a varied background.

Jan 24 3 minutes read

Focusing on fresh, delicious meats prepared just the way his customers want them, Byron Salazar's restaurant Turf N' Surf has become a fixture of the Warren community. A young entrepreneur with a passion for fresh meat and seafood straight from the market, Byron's goal was to open a restaurant that brought people amazing ingredients prepared just the way they want.

"I've always loved meat markets, seafood markets... kind of where you have that fresh feel about it and where you can see the meats," Byron says about his inspiration for the restaurant. "And my thing was where you take that and cook it for customers."

Rather than a more traditional menu, Turn N' Surf customers choose their meat (a "turf" or a "surf") from a huge variety of options ranging from the standard Angus burger or turkey burger to their signature "inside out" burgers (meats infused with cheese, bacon, etc.) or salmon or scallops. From there, customers choose the "vehicle" for their meat from one of the many types of buns, salad, or rice. Turf N' Surf also offers great sides like potato fries, sweet potato fries, and onion rings.

Foodie Favorites

While you certainly can't go wrong with anything off the Turf N' Surf menu, customers definitely have their favorites. Many love their Bacon Cheddar Cheese Inside Out burger: it's made with fresh Angus ground beef, cheddar cheese, and bacon crumbles that have been lovingly mixed together before the patty even meets the griddle. Their Spanish rice also gets rave reviews, with many customers ordering it along with salmon or an amazing ribeye steak.

More Than Just a Burger Place

Byron wanted Turf N' Surf to be much more than just your average burger chain. "I didn't want it to be just a burger place," he says. "What I wanted to create was an environment where people come in and it's not just ordering food. It's where they come in and they talk about their day... It's just very homey and friendly which I love."

With its amazing food, great staff, and wonderful owner, it's safe to say that Warren has embraced Turf N' Surf in a big way. Nice job, Byron!

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