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We are ready to guide you through the home buying process one step at a time! We are here for you from Day 1 until forever.

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We Realized...

It's nearly impossible for a buyer to fall in love with a home before they fall in love with the town, neighborhood and community first! That's why we are 100% committed to being your resource that shares what it is really like to live here. This includes where to shop for groceries, where you can go to the gym, what restaurants to visit, and weekly updates containing family activities and recreation the area offers each weekend.

In addition to our fabulous communities, the top reasons buyers are drawn to our towns are the school system, easy access to one’s work/commute, our low taxes "relatively for NJ" & our lack of crime.

We 💖guiding and advising clients just like you...from day 1 to years after closing day. 
Our goal is to help you find your new dream home to live happily ever after in! 

Weiniger Way
Learn how we take care of you every step of the way in the BUyER journey

Step #1
Let’s get to know each other! We’ll sit down and talk through the process of buying a home with Weiniger Group.

We'll make a list of the amenities you desire in your new home so that we know EXACTLY what you're looking for. Maybe you want a guest bedroom on the first level, a 2 car garage or a finished basement... whatever it may be, we'll hone in the search and in the locations you love! 

This will also be a great time to address any questions or concerns you have about the journey you are about to embark on. If your schedule is tight, we can also begin by connecting by phone,  email or hangout together via a video chat - whatever works best for you!

Step #2
Be prepared to dig into paperwork during this part of the process such as pay stubs, W2’s, and tax returns. Checking your credit score and getting pre-approved dictate whether or not you qualify for a mortgage and also helps you determine how much you can afford to spend on a home. 

This is a vital step in the home buying process!

What You'll Need: 

- Recent Pay stubs 
- Previous 2 Years of Tax Returns/W-2s 
- Permission to Run a Credit Check 
- Proof of Funds 
- Asset Information

Step #3
This is where you’ll get notifications about the listings that meet most of your general criteria that we spoke about in our first meeting. We will set up a custom search in our primary Multiple Listing Service where you'll receive email updates on new listings and price reductions daily. 

If you see any home that catches your eye, let us know. We will give you insight that may not be evident from the listing information. We can also schedule a viewing together. THIS is the part when we will get the best indication of what are your deal makers and deal breakers, expressed and implied, by watching and listening to your comments and reactions, as you walk through the home.  

We aren't shy about sharing our opinions too. We are here to protect your interests and make sure you see some things you may be unaware of. Well, isn't that why you are hiring us? ☺️

Good communication is so important to us. We use What's App to communicate as a group text with you, your agent and our supporting staff at Weiniger Group. But if phone, text or email is your best way to keep in touch, we will adjust our process. We want you to be comfortable and we want to be efficient so we can get you into the homes that are a perfect match!

Step #4
Here’s where the buying process becomes FUN! We want YOU to become the local expert along this process. Attending open houses is a great way to discover what you love. We recommend honing in your top 2 choices in order to find your dream home.

We can join you at some, and you can attend on your own. We also have our own custom curated weekly open house list available to you at ALL times as a guide. We hope you find it valuable to have all open houses by town in one place!

Step #5
A little scary, but very exciting! Three things can happen when putting in an offer on a house:

1. The offer is accepted
2. The offer is rejected
3. You get a counteroffer

We’ll walk you through each of these possibilities and how to handle them. 

It's important to realize that your offer depends entirely on the marketplace. We will give you a sense of what similar listings in the area are selling for to help you craft the best offer.

YOUR goal is our goal. We are expert negotiators and will strategize with you every step of the way!

Once the offer is submitted, we will continue to advise you for next steps. Rarely does a deal come together based on the initial offer. 

Then, it’s time to get your financing in order and move forward to the next step!

Step #6
Once you and the sellers come to a "meeting of the minds," you have an accepted offer. In New Jersey, you will enter a 3-day attorney review period in which an experienced real estate attorney will review the contract and make changes on your behalf.  Once both sides have come to an agreement, you are officially "under contract."  YAY!

Next, you will schedule a home inspection. According to our general Realtor contracts, homes are sold as-is but buyers have the right to a home inspection. This is where you will hire a qualified inspector to check the systems, appliances, and structure. Getting a thorough home inspection is critical in the home buying process because it can help find common problems, malfunction and defects in the property.

Some items are covered in a general home inspection and others aren't. Here is a guide. Use it only as a guide. You can discuss with your inspector, attorney and us, if you want to do extra inspections like a tank sweep, level 2 chimney inspections or environmental testing like mold or asbestos.

Simultaneously, you are working on your mortgage approval. The bank will send an appraiser to determine the appraised value of the home. The bank does this to ensure their loan is protected and that the home is worth what you are paying. Sometimes, market value and appraised value can be different. If there's a discrepancy, we will help advise you along the way. Once appraisal is complete and it "appraises", you'll be on the path to receive your final mortgage commitment.

Step #7
It’s time to dot the I’s and cross the T’s because you’re closing on your home! This process includes going through all of the final paperwork and signing your name (a lot!) on the loan documents assuming you are getting a mortgage. Your attorney will advice you a day before closing the exact amount you need to bring to closing as your final down payment amount. This will cover all of your closing costs too.

These are the last steps before the shiny keys to your home are placed in your hand... for good! 🔑

Throughout the process, we can recommend lenders, inspectors, real estate attorneys, and other professionals. Our many years of contractors and resources are your resources. Even after closing, you can on count us for reliable recommendations.  As we said, we are committed to you from Day 1... until forever.

Step #8
Congratulations, you’re a homeowner!

Let's toast to your new home! 

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